Friday, November 2, 2012

a very orange and black halloween

yup, that's our view for the sf giants world series parade 2012
really, that's one great view, isn't it? photo courtesy of denise #sfgparade

the best seats to the best parade ever. go giants!
we have the best seats to the best parade ever. go giants! #sfgparade

us @ the san francisco giants world series 2012 parade
the parade was awesome! we ♥ our sf giants! #sfgparade

very orange pumpkins & boo-y! macaron treats for a happy halloween
in the spirit of halloween, i made these cute pumpkin and boo-y macarons for our office potluck

this year's halloween was the best ever! you cannot ask for anything more than the san francisco giants winning the 2012 world series and having their ticker-tape parade on halloween day. seriously, orange and black on the orange and black day of the year?!! way cool! and to top it off, a work potluck with delicious food to go with it!

now, i shouldn't take this for granted (2 championship parades in the last 3 years). being the fact that i've already seen a giants world series parade back in 2010 when they won it all for the first time since 1954 (moving to san francisco from brooklyn). some people have yet to experience such an event like this for their favorite sports team in their lifetime. some people may never or never did. anyway, the parade was really nice. it was great cheering on the players as they came by sitting in their top-off convertibles down market street. and our office seriously had the best view ever – half hanging out the windows looking down or hanging out on the fire escape. now, if only the 49ers can win it all this season in superbowl xlvii (2013), then we can certainly have this kind of parade again. ;)

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