Monday, July 23, 2012

i love french macarons

assorted french macarons

like i said in the previous post, i've been so busy i haven't had any time to bake! i can't get into details what's been taking up my time at the moment. anyway, i recently had a birthday and asked for pierre herme's macaron book as well as laduree's sucre book. i cannot wait to try out those recipes. macarons and i aren't quite there yet. we still have some things we need to work out. i know, you think by now i should have it down right? as you see, i have been making these cute little sandwich cookies for a little over a year now. they really are a challenge. sometimes you just don't know if the batch you just whipped up is going to come out right.

well, for now, enjoy these photos of some good-looking yummy macarons i made a couple months ago as a wedding gift for one of my coworkers. i think they really did turn out perfect, and so cute! but of course, i may be just a tad biased here. now, i just need to find some time to make these again.

i love macarons

french macaron gift box

delicious homemade french macarons

macarons! gift box

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