Tuesday, July 3, 2012

say hello!

hi there! as you can see, this is the official first entry of this newly created blog. design. bake. run. those three things are what i love to do most, apart from spending time with family and friends, of course. but as you'll notice as i get going on this blog, and hopefully i won't veer off course a whole lot here, but the majority of this blog will consist of anything design related, baking (cooking sometimes?!) and/or running (okay, exercise) happenings in and around my life. at least those are my intentions at the moment. so far now, sit back and enjoy some goodies i've collected for this first entry.


us in maui -- may 2012
yes, that above is yours truly and my always so wonderful and supportive hubby!

me in paris @ pierre herme - march 2012
while in paris this spring 2012, i got to try pierre herme. this is by far my favorite macaron place!

i run most mornings
i love early morning runs. not the best terrain, but for now, this will do.

san francisco, ca
this is where we call home. i love this city!


macarons! -- photo by sabrina ko
coffee nutella and salted caramel macarons for sabrina & andrew; photo courtesy of sabrina ko

love day cupcakes
i love baking mini cupcakes

hump days are better with cupcakes!
regular size cupcakes are delish as well!

i love macarons!
but lately, macarons have taken over. i'm still trying to perfect these babies.

[note: all baked goods apart from pierre herme, of course, were baked by me! :)]

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