Tuesday, July 16, 2013

exercise and me: week 3

Don't Stop Trying

i am proud to say i did do the two strength training workouts i set out for myself last week. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i guess the trick is to do something you know you can do. and those two workouts were definitely doable. for sure i will be doing them again in the near future.

one thing that's a bummer is my weight has creeped back up to 101 and that's totally due to poor eating. before that i was stuck at 99. now that it's back up, i really need to scale back on all the yummy eats i've been having and really watch what i eat. for sure i've been eating a lot of salty foods lately and retaining a lot of water weight. i've been feeling bloated for the last several days. it doesn't help that i'm having a chicken burrito for lunch today. but... after today, i hope to eat much cleaner and better so that come the weekend my weight won't be so awful.

okay, for this week's strength training exercises, i am adding one more workout for a total of three strength training workouts and trying new workouts. i find it that if i keep them new and different, it doesn't make the workouts boring, etc. i'm pretty sure i can get all three in this week. i mean, c'mon… it's only three! how hard could it really be? they take less than 30 minutes, for sure!

below are the workouts. i plan on doing one of them tonight. they're all very similar in that the moves are more or less the same. i love how they don't require any equipments and uses just my bodyweight. if you'd like to try them, i say go ahead and put them down as a workout for you to try.

Fitness at Home Workout

Tone Up Tight Workout

Tone Up Tight Workout

yup, that's it for now. stay tune to see what i have in store for next week. :)

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