Wednesday, February 6, 2013

start today

a year from now you'll wish you had started today -- so get going already!

a year from now you'll wish you had started today.

yup, that's my little saying i tell myself, all the time whenever it comes to exercising and losing those last several pounds. about a year and a half ago we welcomed our little miss v and yes, even after all this time i am still trying to get rid of those pregnancy weight and regain my pre-baby figure. ideally, i'd like to be more fit and in much better shape than pre-baby, but first before i get there, i just need to focus on getting this first part out of the way first.

my pre-baby weight was 97.8 lb. right now, i'm about 7-8 lb off. i know, that doesn't sound like a lot but for a tiny person like me who stands a couple inches shy of 5 feet, it is. a year ago exactly, i was much lighter, at 101. so you can say i've gained 4-5 lb since. that's just awful and must be stopped right this minute.

earlier this week, starting with monday, i told myself i would incorporate more calisthenic type exercises in. you know, you typical pushups, crunches, lunges, squats, dips, etc. and i have been very good about it the last two nights. it doesn't take long and they're fairly simple to do. it's just a matter of doing it and getting it done, on a regular basis. of course, i will need to watch what i eat too. that's half the battle, in edition to regularly exercising. you see, i still run, just not as often and long (in miles) as i used to. i'm slowly building that back in as well. i'm hoping in a couple of weeks i will be running at least 10-15 miles regularly before i officially start my half-marathon training (m and i will be running the sf marathon in june -- i'm only doing the half though while he's tackling the full again). i also want to improve my speed/pace, so i will be doing a lot of speed work and anything else to help me run faster. i'd love to break the 2 hour mark for the half, but i may be setting myself up for failure as right now i can barely sustain a 10-min/mile pace for long runs. maybe if i aim to run the half at a 10-min/mile pace that would be a better goal? we'll see how these next few months are like.

below are some of the different types of exercises i've done and am hoping to do on a daily/weekly basis. these are great pinterest finds that i've pinned onto my board. if you have pinterest, i say go ahead and pin them yourself. good luck!

again, a year from now i want to look back at today and said i've really done it, made that change to be better, faster, stronger, fitter… for my tomorrow.

sexy leg workout
i love this leg exercise routine. it's so easy and simple, and really just takes 15 minutes to do! you think 15 minutes is long, but it goes by quickly! :)

daily workout, 2x
simple and easy. piece of cake, right?

monday to sunday workout
i love this one especially in that all of the workouts i can do without any equipment.

motivation and habit, keep at it!
ditto. well said. motivation IS what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going. it's so true. these days, on mornings i don't run, i feel so blah. and i say, it's totally the habit. part of that daily ritual/habit kind of thing.

do something your future self will thank you for tomorrow
i want to look back a year from now, two, three, four, 10 years from now and said i've done something today i am thankful those many years from now. i know i am capable of it, so i must get out there and just do it!

believe. you can do it!
anyone can look like this if they keep at it and believe. sure, maybe not exactly like this, but their version of it. i say if you believe, anything is possible. i sure hope i can look back at this a few years from now and say, yes, i've done it. believe!

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