Friday, July 27, 2012

running 26.2 miles this sunday

alright, so mark and i are running our first ever full marathon this sunday -- SF marathon. we've ran in this event before but only the 5k. yeah, that was back in 2009, i believe. at about almost a year since i (we) picked up running (me, running again after years of hiatus). of course, when we first started running we never thought we'd even run a full marathon. now, it is really almost here. i'm just hoping we'll both be able to finish it a-ok.

a couple of weeks ago we did our (one) long training run for this race. oh my, trust me... if i could do it over again, i'd so do it differently. what's different? ummm, actually train for it properly! you see, being our typical self, we knew the whole 26.2 miles would be hard. we just didn't realize how hard it was and what a different beast this was until 2/3 of the way into our ridiculously long run. how long was long? let's just say mark's training run was your full 26.2 miles and i could only manage to complete 24 miles. still, it was 24 miles! who runs 24 miles before a marathon? yeah, most people would tell you to stop at 20 or something. and of course, you add on mileage slowly over time. definitely do not do what i did. what's that? ahhh.. yeah, running about 2-4 miles 4 times a week, and then suddenly jumping to running 24 miles. that's a giant no-no. crazy stuff you put your body through, not cool! well, yup.. that's exactly what i did. if you could look at my nike+ running logs, i went from running 1.8 miles 2 days before running 24 miles. that's pretty crazy. i hope to not do this again -- the (not) training part.

we are so excited for this sunday. we're picking up our running packets tomorrow at the expo and hoping to get to bed early for an early morning come sunday morning. i'm hoping and keeping my fingers cross that sunday morning will be awful. i know the weather reports say it'll be nice and sunny, but i'm really hoping the running gods are on our side and give us some of your typical SF gloomy foggy misty weather early sunday morning until around 10:30am?! yeah, that's about the time i'll almost be done with my race. of course, this may be too much to ask for. really, i just hope i finish within the course limit of 6 hours. anything faster than that is a bonus.

alright, stay tuned! will be back after sunday to tell all about it. :)

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