Wednesday, August 8, 2012

looking forward to a year from now

so the olympics have been on the last week and a half. seeing all these athletes and their crazy amazing bodies is… what's the word? well, let's just say i've been inspired to get back into shape again. i mean really get back into shape and for good this time around. it's another added motivation. of course i know my body will never be as rock hard as theirs, but close enough will work for me. i just want to be lean and toned; in shape and healthy. i'm thinking i'll be approaching 30 in a couple of years, i really should try to enter my 30's at the best shape of my life and keep it.

 since baby #2, i've been easing myself back into exercising and eating better. but the last couple of months i've fallen off the wagon and the numbers on the scale are not good. i want to say i'm almost the same weight as i was exactly at this time (9-10 months post baby) compared to baby #1. i was hoping with baby #2 it would be different. it was for a while, until recently. and i can't go on with what i've been doing recently; eating whatever i wanted, skipping runs and strength training workouts. my weight has creeped up to 108 lb from 101 lb. i cannot be 108 lb this time around, no way!

to help me get into the best shape of my life i've decided to take baby steps, as we all should know, losing weight and looking good doesn't happen overnight. it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment. you must want it and do something about it to make it happen. you can say i'm making that first step today. with 2 months to go before my baby turns 1, i want to ensure that come her first birthday, i'm a step closer to my ideal figure. i'm not exactly sure what ideal is, but for now, let's say something in the ballpark of lean, toned (with muscle definitions please?! =/) and 95-100 lb.

these are the things i'll be doing for the next 2 months (and beyond):
- run 3-4x a week, 15 miles total to start, then slowing increasing to 25 miles/week
- strength training 3x a week (pilates, yoga, basic strength moves)
- 2 sets of 20-rep modified pushups, dips and lunges every night
- drink lots and lots of water
- eat at least 1 piece of fruit and 2 servings of veggie a day (i'm terrible at this, sometimes i'll go on for days without eating a single piece of fruit! veggies on the other hand i'm much better at, but still not good)
- portion control, really pay attention!

here are some things i'll keep as reminders along the way. the quotes below are great. they've helped me a lot in the past and i know they'll do the same this time around.

a year from now...
i love this quote. i try to tell myself this every day... i want to look ahead a year from now and know i've really done it or at least is getting there because i've made the commitment to start today.

yesterday you said tomorrow -- just do it!
this is my favorite all-time no slacking quote. no excuses, just do it!

i run to be... fit
here's me with my cutie pie (baby #1) at the nike women's marathon (nwm) expo in october 2010. i was at my lightest weight (96 lb) post baby #1, and before baby #2 of course. i want to get there again.

all smiles before race time @ nike womens marathon 2010
me before the nwm. i must get there again... not only with my figure, but also with my running speed! ran my first ever half marathon in 2:04. i know i can do it again. :)

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