Tuesday, January 29, 2013

running on super bowl sunday

us before the 2010 kp half marathon & 5k fun run race
that's m & me before the start of the 2011 kp half marathon & 5k fun run race. m ran the half and i ran the 5k with a friend.

that's right! this coming super bowl sunday m, c and i will be running in the kaiser permanente half marathon and 5k fun run. actually, m will be running the half marathon again (he did it in 2011) while c and i tackle the 5k (i ran the 5k in 2011 with a friend, since it was her first ever 5k race). this year, i'm so excited and so is c. the 5k will be his first ever running race, or any sports race for that matter. i think i am more excited than him... just the fact that our little baby is finally old enough to be running with us. i can't believe it! i just hope the experience is a good one and that he'll want to keep on racing. i have lots of little kid-friendly races i'd love him to join in with us.

now i have to say, running is definitely in the family. everyone runs: m, me, l & p! now with c running, that makes 5. we just have to see if little miss v will be joining us when she's no longer a baby. hehehe.. how exciting!

okay, stay tune. i'm sure i'll have some instagram photos to post after the event. and of course, the best part about this sunday? it's THE super bowl and our fave team, the san francisco 49ers are in it! we need that #questforsix, 6-0 record that is. it's been forever since the last time they've won it all. i was just thinking about that and i think it's really been 18 years. yeah, the 1994-95 season. it's a long time coming, so let's hope jim harbaugh and the boys bring that lombardi trophy home. little bro needs to win it this time around. john can have a super bowl ring, just not this season, and definitely not against us. :)

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