Monday, June 17, 2013

we survived the 2013 sf marathon

we survived the 2013 sf marathon race! photo via mzrichee on instagram
yes, we survived this year's san francisco marathon! :)

i had so much fun running the 1st half marathon at yesterday's san francisco marathon. so glad i only ran the half because there was no way i could have done the full. my mind wasn't set on running the full (hah! because i knew i wouldn't have trained for it properly, let alone i didn't even train for the half marathon except for throwing in a few long runs here and there). m ran the full though. he did okay (4:34:51). would have done better (he was on pace to finish around 4:15-4:20) than his time from last year (4:30) but he felt so nauseous/sick towards mile 23 and had to run slowly all the way to the finish line. still, his time was pretty good for being sick with 3+ miles to go.

i'm just so proud of us. we did incredible! okay, my time wasn't that great (2:11:58) but good enough considering i didn't know what to expect. my running pace since baby #2 has been very slow and i have yet to get it back up to pre-baby #2. i think i was just glad that i finished the half in a decent time. during the race i had hope i would do it under 2:10 but being only 2 minutes behind, i can't be too upset. especially if before the race i told myself i'd be glad if i did it under 2:20-2:30. of course, some day, i'd like to run a half under 2 hours. my best half is 2:04:27 and that was 2-1/2 years ago during the nike women's marathon. i was at my (running) peak, and doing so well. i hope i get back there again. i know i need to incorporate some mini races here and there. thinking of starting up that again and joining some running club sunday races. running with other people in a race setting will force me to run faster. i know i definitely ran faster during yesterday's race than i would typically on a normal run.

alright, that's it. so glad we finished and did alright. can't wait to sign up for next year's sf marathon! enjoy the instagram photos and a few others below, documenting yesterday's events. :)

me before the race, waiting for the gun to go and our wave to start. photo via mzrichee on instagram
yup, that's me before the race early yesterday morning, with the gorgeous bay bridge in the background.

us before the race. photo via mzrichee on instagram
i don't have the best camera for taking pictures in low light, but that's us before the race.

shoes! waiting for the race to start photo via mzrichee on instagram
our colorful shoes, standing around and waiting for the race to start.

the start line @ sf marathon 2013. photo via mzrichee on instagram
the start line @ sf marathon 2013

2013 San Francisco Marathon -- Runners on Golden Gate Bridge -- photo via Rocky Arroyo
this is why the first half of the sf marathon is so awesome! running on the golden gate bridge in that gorgeous weather – no fog! :) photo via rocky arroyo and sf marathon fb page

2013 San Francisco Marathon Finisher Medals -- photo via Rocky Arroyo
yup, nothing like a finisher medal. photo via rocky arroyo and sf marathon fb page

me, all 13.1 miles done!. photo via mzrichee on instagram
me after 13.1 miles. happy and smiley! :)

my post-race meal. photo via mzrichee on instagram
i opted for a homemade curry noodle dish as a post-race meal instead of in-n-out burgers like last year.

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