Monday, October 8, 2012

dessert table for a first birthday party

Dessert Table via design. bake. run.

i just wanted to share a photo i took with instagram. i really think my first attempt at a dessert table this past weekend turned out beautifully. you can't really go wrong with mini cupcakes and macarons; oh, and of course, the full birthday cake. everything was lovely and cute as can be for a little girl having her first ever birthday (party).

so how was the party and goodies? a big successful! ;)

for the (similar) recipes shown in the pictures above, you can access them here:

- eggless vanilla (and chocolate) mini cupcakes
- coconut and raspberry macarons (coconut macaron recipe to come – no recipe posted yet. but you can get other macarons recipes here)
- martha stewart one-bowl chocolate cupcakes



UPDATE: a few more photos from the party ;)

Eggless Vanilla & Chocolate Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream via design. bake. run.
not only are these mini vanilla and chocolate cupcakes so cute and adorable, they're egg-free and perfect for any no-egg diet!

Coconut and Raspberry French Macarons via design. bake. run.
i had been meaning to make these coconut macarons and i think they turned out great! so yummy, and the raspberry ones are just as good.

Yummy Birthday Dessert Table via design. bake. run.
so here's a (similar to my instagram) photo of the dessert table (this one was taken with my canon). i love how cute this dessert table turned out!


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