Monday, October 15, 2012

nwm 2012

Us at the finish line - Nike Women's Marathon 2012
C and I with MN at the finish line

yesterday was the nike women's marathon and i wasn't a participant, but a spectator. i decided to skip out on it this year a few weeks ago when i heard about their last chance spot on facebook. i'm so competitive with myself and knew that if i ran it this year i wouldn't beat my time from two years ago. that's because since baby #2 i haven't gotten my pace back to where it was before. anyway, i didn't run it, but my lil half sis did. she did fantastic for someone who's never ran longer than 5 miles in her entire life until yesterday! yeah, you can say she didn't train for this event. her "training" was going on a few runs prior to yesterday's race and finally running about 5-1/2 miles 5-6 days before the race. she did pretty darn good for a first timer, i say – finishing the half marathon in 2:37:21! great job girl! :)

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