Sunday, February 3, 2013

super bowl sunday!

here's us before the race
m, c and me before the kaiser race this morning :)

finally, the big day is here! m, c and i ran our kaiser race this morning. i have to say c was such a good sport. we did it in 40 minutes for his first ever 5k run. pretty awesome. m finished his half marathon in under 1:50. i think it was 1:47 and something second. pretty sweet there as well.

below are some pics from this morning's race. now, we're going to enjoy the super bowl and watch those 49ers bring home that 6th super bowl win. #questforsix

***UPDATE 2/4/13***

yes, i am so bummed the niners lost the super bowl last night. we were so close, but close isn't good enough. such a downer! oh well, better luck next season. it was a great season, just not great enough. but no doubt, only more great things are on the horizon. i know we'll be epic again. we've got a great coach and an awesome team. we'll get there again, and win it all. you can't always be perfect sometimes. #goniners.

c trying to get warm at the start of the line
c trying to get warm before the race

m at the 12-mile marker, on his way to the finish line
m at the 12-mile marker, on his way to the finish line!

all done! @ kaiser permanente sf half marathon & 5k run
all done!

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