Wednesday, March 20, 2013

taking a look at my fitbit weekly data

as i mentioned in my last post regarding weight loss (and/or exercise), i mentioned that i've been using the fitbit one device. well, below are some summary data from my most recent week (march 11-17). i'm not sure how i compare to others out there who are using the same device or something similar on the fitbit website (the recommended daily steps is 10,000 steps), but from the group of people who are on my friends list, i am on top – so i guess that's not too bad. of course, i could personally improve my numbers for my own personal goals such as have more than one 20,000 step day in a week. as pointed out in the data graphics below, i for sure need to do something about my calories in and out. okay, i'm actually not monitoring what i'm eating right now, but i should start or do that. i feel like i can never stick to journaling any food down. it's like i'll do it for a week then forget all about it the next. that's probably because i find it time consuming entering every little piece of food consumed down.

ok... again, here is my data from this past week. i hope that this current week's data will be much better – although i'm not so sure as today i did not walk very much nor did i run this morning. usually on mornings when i run that helps my step count a whole lot. some running days are better than others, but for the most part i hit 10k steps quickly. today is a different story. i didn't run this morning nor did i walk that much during lunch because it sprinkled quite a bit today during lunch (and i didn't have an umbrella with me). so instead of going out for my usual walk, i just went and walked around indoor a little bit. yeah, that did not give me my usual 3-4k steps. i'll have to make sure i get to at least 10k tonight. we'll see how the rest of the week go. :)

my fitbit weekly data crunch
here's a glimpse of my data from the week of march 11-17, 2013. pretty decent, yet i don't know why i'm not losing any weight?! maybe because i'm eating too much still?!! ahhhhhh! (click image for larger view)

my fitbit weekly data crunch
again, from the same week (almost anyway). i need to improve on my little active time pie chart. right now, being more than 50% sedentary during my waking moments isn't that great. it's okay, but not great. i should put something into motion to improve this. (click image for larger view)

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