Friday, May 31, 2013

my may month exercise in review

a pound is a pound!

at the beginning of this month, may, i decided i would take on another exercise challenge or two in addition to my regular running schedule (i'm sort of training for the sf half marathon next month). yes, the mommy tummy fix (abs workout) and that 6-weeks arms challenge in addition to the add-on challenge, the planks, were all sculpting exercise i said i would do this month. well, i'm afraid i didn't really stick with any of them. a little disappointed in myself, i know. but what i did do was do some of the exercises. maybe not all of them regularly, but enough. for example, most nights out of the week, say 5-6 nights in a week, i would do at least 20 pushups, 20 dips, 1 minute of elbow plank, and 30-seconds of side planks (both sides) and all in that order. if i felt like it, i would add in 30 lunges on both sides and 50 squats – but those are rare because most times i don't feel like it. plus, squats are too easy. they're not challenging enough. maybe i'll add in 2-minute wall sits or something, that should be somewhat challenging, then go up from there. i should be able to hit 5 minutes if i keep at it. yeah, my quads are pretty crazy. i can hold a 3-minute wall sit just like that and 4-5 minutes if i have to. but nothing to praise about because i still suck everywhere else. i didn't even do that arms exercises i said i would. actually, i didn't even look at it once this entire month! okay, maybe once when i thought i would do it. yup, pretty bad, i know.

now, all isn't lost this entire month. i am happy to say that since joining one of fitbit's community groups and vowing to myself that i will be better, i did manage to lose 4 pounds. pretty awesome eh? actually, almost 5 pounds. when i joined the group challenge (it's called independence day challenge because it's set to end on july 4th), i was at 106. i know, that's nothing for some of you, but for a petite girl like me, it's a lot. so i set out to get down to 101 lb come memorial day. well, i'm happy to tell you that memorial day has come and gone and i'm down to 101.2 lb! whoooo hoooooo!! ;) now, i just need to get down to my 97 lb goal weight come july 4. yes, 97 lb, i know. and no, again… it's not a small number. it's still pretty decent considering i am only 4 feet 10 inches. actually, i think i'd be pretty happy if i can just drop below 100. it's been forever it seems. but 97 would be nice. that was my pre-baby #2 weight and i have yet to get there. i know, almost 2 whole years since miss v. i did really well last year around this time, but then my weight ballooned and i've been trying very hard the last few months to get it back down. i think i'm about where i was last year around this time. now, i just need it to stick and go a tad lower then i should be good. of course, do all those strength training exercises too and keep running.

okay, we'll see what's in store next month. i think i need to be better at getting myself to do the exercises i said i would do. :)

here are a few stats i'm throwing out there:
  • miles ran this year as of today: 205.78 miles
  • lifetime steps with fitbit as of today (member since feb 24, 2013): 1,497,755 steps
  • weight lost since january 1 of this year: 7 lb (from 108.6 lb)

and this is what i keep telling myself. so, so true. i gotta keep at it. just stick with it and the results will come. :)

don't quit

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