Friday, November 22, 2013

this year's holiday running streak: run 1 mile a day, every day starting on thanksgiving day until new year's

2013 holiday running streak courtesy of runner's world mag

you heard that right. i saw this on my fb feed and decided i would do it too! it's from runner's world mag website and they're pledging to run at least a mile a day every day starting on thanksgiving day and going all the way through until new year's day. it's only a mile, so how bad can that be? what's that? at least 12 minutes of my day on super slow days. but a 12-minute mile is too easy. i can probably nail this down in 10 or less. actually, it would be pretty awesome to see how fast i can run this mile come new year's day. anyway, my running pace at the moment sucks, so who knows. i'd be lucky if i could do it in 12!

okay, so there you have it. if you'd like to pledge to run a mile a day starting thanksgiving day and going up to new year's day... join in on the fun. it can't be that bad. let's see how many days you can do it in a row or if you have to take a rest day, run an extra mile the next day. not too difficult right? i am so looking forward to this. i have been slacking in the running department the last month or two. it's really bad. and we have many holiday festivities coming up, so it should be interesting to see how i will fit in the mile runs (rain or shine, or snow!) and doing everything else. :)

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