Wednesday, November 20, 2013

my latest instagram good eats

it's been a while since i've posted food photos from my instagram. i'm still eating lots of goodies, but more or less the same things. i mean, i can almost never say no to pho. and those vietnamese bbq pork bowls with vermicelli noodles? yeah, those too. along with chipotle's burrito bowl and anything and everything sweet. yeah, i've been on a sugar kick the last few months, my forehead isn't liking it one bit. i noticed the last month or so i've been breaking out. and it's bad. like really bad, right there in that sweet spot on my forehead where you cannot hide it, not with anything. so awful, i know.

but, all isn't lost. i know we are about to enter crazy, amazing, super awesome holiday fever with thanksgiving right around the corner and all that good eats, follow by the endless leading up to christmas holiday baking. i've told myself that i'm not going to stuff myself with leftover pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner... pretty much every day and/or meal after thanksgiving (day) until it's gone. noticed how i put in the "day" part. yeah, that's because this year, we're not even hosting thanksgiving at our house. i mean, on the actual day. we did however hosted an early thanksgiving meal at our house (because m will not be around and wants to enjoy the full day festivity with football & all) this past weekend. and yes, i ate pie every day for breakfast the last few mornings until they disappeared. i think i ate the last slice last night for dessert. but going back to what i was saying, i will not eat pie every day post thanksgiving day. hah! it's a good thing because my face cannot handle anymore sweet stuff. i'm really breaking out bad. it's terrible. i will still however bake at least a couple of pies and bring it over to my bro-in-law's house. i'm thinking a salted caramel apple pie and the classic pecan pie. you cannot have thanksgiving without pecan pie (who says you must have pumpkin pie? because i don't like pumpkin pie!).

okay, below are the good eats. not a whole lot, just a few. and if i can manage to snap some photos, maybe i'll post up the apple pie recipe i plan to make. so stay tune! :)

Early Thanksgiving Meal via mzrichee on instagram for design. bake. run.
we hosted an early thanksgiving meal at our house this past weekend and i have to say, everything was amazing. the perfect meal, like ever! just a bummer the niners lost their game. boo.

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving -- Dessert! via mzrichee on instagram for design. bake. run.
seriously, this is the best thing about a thanksgiving meal. the desserts! you cannot go wrong with tartine's bread pudding, pecan pie and raspberry pie. mmmm... so good!

Gnocchi with Porcini and Smoked Pancetta at Beretta SF via mzrichee on instagram for design. bake. run.
this gnocchi with porcini and smoked pancetta dish at beretta (in the mission, in sf) is so good. i get it every time we eat there. m and i had a dinner date the other night and everything we ordered was spot on delish!

Chocolate Cookies via mzrichee on instagram for design. bake. run.
i bought a thing of 2-dozen eggs from costco a while back and never got around to using up the eggs. the expiration date on them were fast approaching so i used up the last of them in my go-to chocolate cookie recipe. yum!

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