Friday, September 21, 2012

mango macarons

design. bake. run. -- mango french macarons

this is the outcome of a good afternoon when you get 3 hours nap from the little ones. yes, this past sunday both my little babies slept a good 2-3 hours; and with that time i was able to make these delectable mango flavored macarons (along with the coffee nutella seen here). i think they turned out quite nice. you see i had a bunch of very ripe mangoes in my fridge that has gone a little stringy on me. instead of eating it, i decided to puree it to get most of the juices out and use it to make a mango flavored buttercream (see recipe below). i think the buttercream frosting turned out great. the color was very beautiful and the flavor of the mango really came out. you can definitely tell it was mango. i should have taken a photo of it, but i forgot, so i guess we're stuck with just the macaron pictures here. enjoy! :)

design. bake. run. -- macarons shells cooling
these macaron shells turned out perfectly!

design. bake. run. -- mango macarons
the flavored mango buttercream filling is definitely a refreshing change from the typical vanilla buttercream

design. bake. run. -- homemade mango french macarons
these look so good!

design. bake. run. -- french macarons with mango buttercream filling
mango french macarons -- i must try them again, with added mango bits in the filling next time

mango buttercream


2 tbsp butter, softened or melted
1 cup confectioner's sugar
1-2 tbsp mango pulp/puree


using a fork or hand mixer, cream softened or melted butter with the confectioner's sugar in a bowl. once mixed (it may start to look like crumbs here), add the mango pulp/puree in. keep mixing until ready. add in more sugar if it's too runny or more pulp/puree if the buttercream is too thick. it shouldn't take too long, just a few minutes and there you have it. enjoy!


  1. How did you add mango flavor to the macaroons? Or did you leave them plain, with some orange food coloring?

    1. The macaron shells are plain, with a little orange food coloring added. It's the filling that has the mango flavor.

  2. Gorgeous! I love mango flavours!

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