Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mr. men illustration posters

design. bake. run. -- mr. happy poster

design. bake. run. -- mr. tickle poster

design. bake. run. -- mr. forgetful poster

design. bake. run. -- mr. bump poster

design. bake. run. -- mr. grumpy poster

i guess you can say this is my first official "design" blog entry. okay, sure... there's not much design here, more illustration than design, but it works?!

we love the mr. men/little miss book collections from roger hargreaves. the poster illustrations above are just some of our favorites. c loves all the books and often times tell us which mr. men he is depending on how he's feeling. for examples, there are days when he's mr. bump or he's usually mr. grumpy when he wakes up from his nap. sometimes, he says he's mr. (little miss) contrary because he can't seem to get things straight/proper.

these books are great! if you don't have any in your household or haven't heard of them, you should definitely get a few to start. so, which little miss am i? i am for sure, no doubt, little miss chatterbox. i know it doesn't come through on here, but ask anyone in my family/circle and they'll agree. ;)


  1. Nice designs, simple and creative. Smiley symbol is pretty cool.
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  2. Very cute. I have never heard of these books, but will check it out.

    1. Thanks! Yes, you should. These are popular kiddie books in England. We love them, but the collection is quite large so we don't have all of the books yet. Plus, they've been coming up with new ones the last few years. These little characters are so cute, you should check them out so you can find which one(s) you are. ;)


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