Thursday, September 6, 2012

more macarons!

i have been baking lately. i've just been too busy or lazy to post up pictures. below are a few macarons i've baked within the last couple of weeks. i think i've got my own little french macaron recipe down now. i know i mentioned before how i use david lebovitz's, but i think from his... i've derived my own little recipe, which is almost foolproof (well, at least the 3-4 times i've made it, it's turned out great!). i cannot wait to make some more macarons. until next time, enjoy the photos below! and yes, i'm still working on my food photo skills. right now they suck. it doesn't help i don't have a fancy camera either. hehehe.. enjoy!

french coffee macarons
coffee macarons with coffee chocolate filling -- these turned out sooooo yummy!

marbled coffee macarons with chocolate ganache
marbled coffee macarons with chocolate ganache

classic vanilla macarons
sometimes, the classic vanilla macaron is best. i love simple things and this is definitely one of them.

homemade baked goods as gifts
my gift packaging isn't quite there yet, but i'm trying. these look so much better than many of my previous ones.

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